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Group leader

Tomohiro Katsuya Kazuma Iekushi
Kazuma Iekushi
Kazuma Iekushi, M.D.ph.D.


Ehime University School of medicine
M.D. Ehime University School of Medicine
Department of geriatric medicine and nephrology, department of clinical gene therapy, Osaka University graduate school of medicine, PhD doctoral program
Ph.D. Osaka University Graduate school of Medicine
Osaka University graduate school of Medicine, research student
Professional career
1999-2000 Department of internal medicine, Osaka university hospital, junior resident
2000-2002 Department of cardiology, national hospital organization Osaka south medical center, resident
2002-2003 Department of cardiology, Osaka prefectural medical center for respiratory and allergic diseases, resident
2008-2009 Department of geriatric medicine and nephrology, Osaka University Hospital, resident
2009-2012 Institute of cardiac regeneration, center for molecular medicine, Frankfurt University, research fellow
Since 2012 Department of Clinical Gene Therapy, Osaka University Hospital and Clinics, Osaka, Japan, Assistant Professor


1999 Medical doctor
2007 Board Certified Membership of the Japanese Circulation Society
2008 Board Certified Membership of the Japanese Society of Internal MedicineMedicine

Awards and prizes

2008 Osaka Kidney Foundation/Research Grant
2009 Mochida Memorial Foundation for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research/Research Grant Abroad
2009 Japanese heart foundation/Research Grant Abroad
2011 LOEWE-Zentrum für Zell- und Gentherapie (CGT) start up grant (2years)
2012 Japan Heart Foundation/Novartis Grant for Research Award on Molecular and Cellular Cardiology

Professional Memberships

Member: Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japanese Society of Circulation
Tomohiro Katsuya Kazuma Iekushi
  Leader Publications
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